Xbox Kinect One Arcade Games


“Jumpzilla” is named after its two best powerups, Jump and Godzilla. You may like the Extended Arms too.

To finish the game takes about 4 hours of careful gameplay, and so far it has been done exactly once, and not by the developer but by his friend at work.

(Note: the video is made with Kinect 360, the graphics are better on Xbox One.)


This remake is an addictive full body game. It supports the competition mode between two players in which each row you complete sends an a disruptive extra cube to your opponents board. Check out the video around the 1 minute mark for two player demo.

Current record is around 2-3 hours of gameplay to get to level 8 and about 15-30 minutes after. We are guessing that record will hold until a day or two after the game is released.

You may wonder, why play these games with Kinect when you can play their many variants with the controller?

The answer is, it will feel very different. Every ball you deflect, every block you drive down into place, every ton of bricks you smash by jumping or with your arms as Godzilla will leave you energized. And yet these are not exercise games, they are proper arcades that require coordination, thinking, planning, and as always a little bit of luck.

Freestyle Dance

Each game includes a bonus freestyle dance section. Check out the many dance videos on the site to see what your Xbox One will do for your parties (or therapeutical purposes, as we use it for).

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