The release of Visikord first shown at Mobile Beat Las Vegas trade show this February has two features long requested by our users. Passersby at the show had great fun with the second, and old and new users saw the first as essential, so let us start with that one.

1. Graphical Control Panel

Before this release, Visikord was controlled from a text console inside the software or via shortcut keys. As the number of features grew, managing them became unwieldy so version the new release has a separate graphical control panel. This was done again with the help and feedback from Adrian North of StarSound Express Disco, one of our early UK users. Based on his experience with the software, Ade North created a design of the “VJ Controls” panel with most frequently needed VJ-ing commands for controlling the picture and appearance of dancers — with large buttons easy to spot during a busy night or even use from a tablet/phone controlling the PC:


Having the design of the VJ Controls had set the wheels in motion for creating the control panel, so big thanks to Ade for it. Also thanks to Mike Wild of Motiv-8 for excellent feedback regarding controls on the Main tab and the Advanced Settings tab.

All the settings you could access in earlier versions are still available via the “Advanced Settings (F5)” tab.

For the second major feature, please see the product news page at Live Dance Games. ‎