Kinect for XBox One is Microsoft’s next generation camera, you don’t need XBox One to plug the new Kinect into a PC and now it works with Visikord! Kinect 2 has twice as sharp depth resolution, larger field of view so people fit entirely into the screen, and an amazing infrared camera that sees the same in all light conditions. Check out the example below:

Kinect 2’s infrared vision is key for showing dancer “holograms”. Kinect 1 is still fully supported on Visikord 3, except for the holograms.

As a reminder, Visikord 3 will be a separate product while the current Visikord 2 will retain the current sale price. However if you purchase Visikord before Visikord 3 goes on sale, you will receive Visikord 3 and all its updates. The V3 release is coming up soon so take advantage of the sale price!

Get Visikord

If you are a registered Visikord 2 and want to try the Version 3 beta, please send an email to Visikord Support and we’ll send you the download link. Thank you!