After several months of development, our first full body arcade dance visual effects party jump-till-you-drop game is ready! “Break the Wall” is a mode in Visikord and it’s a clone of the popular 80’s game — but with the player in it. The pre-release of the game was shown at the Mobile Beat Las Vegas in February and was used in a Santa Barbara nightclub and by a few of our DJ users at school dances and weddings. It has got fantastic reactions from customers and visitors.

The demo video is on the front page of, and here’s a quick overview of features:

  • 1 or 2 players, they decide themselves if they want to play solo or in pairs — great for friends or strangers
  • 32 levels + simple level editor
  • crazy powerups (lasers, long arms, mega jump and Godzilla!) that motivate the players to move and jump
  • operator can place their own logo in the game and type incentive messages to be shown on the screen (in the nightclub, we used “free drink voucher on 1500 points!”)
  • Photo Hall of Fame! Players who score in the top 3 have their photo taken and displayed for all to see.
  • due to the nature of the game, it is even more robust to Kinect positioning. We still recommend using gaffer tape to mark the spot on the floor where you’d like the players to be.

We will send the update email with the download link to all registered users soon. Thank you and enjoy!