Per popular request, as it is said, we’ve added a feature in the new release of Visikord that drives the visuals automatically on detected beat. We looked for balance between visuals looking good on their own and power being given to dancers to change them and we’d like to think we’ve found it, judging by the early feedback. The change can be as subtle or as strong as you like but it definitely helps the dancers get in the rhythm.

You can see the beat-driven visuals look in action at

To use the feature, simply enable Audio In / Beat Detection in the “Games ‘n’ Beats” tab and don’t turn on any games. (Select “Mic/Line in” for external music signal or “Sound Card Direct” for direct-from-card detection. Please wait 40-50 seconds from turning on until the beat is detected properly.)

The new sub-tab, “Freestyle”, lets you configure how the visuals move on the beat. The “Hard Cut on Beat” option is by default turned off as it is fairly intense, but we recommend turning it on for at least some of the time.

Minor new features are:

– “Instruction overlay” shows a “help for dancer” text what red/blue triggers and bars do, when the box is ticked off in the “Main” tab of the GUI panel, “Basic Settings” section. You can use your own help page jpg/png:

– “Speed bump” for red blue triggers in that they are dark/disabled for 1 sec after activation to prevent too many activations at once
– Removed the “caution/keep out tape” image when dancers come too close i.e. before “front active zone” (which is 0.80m default), replaced it with total invisibility and message “please stand back” if they linger there
– and a few other ones as listed in the changelog.

The update email with the new version will be on its way soon. We also have some unrelated (to the beat) but powerful new capabilities in the works that open whole new possibilities. We’ll include the details and the sneak preview in the update email to our registered users and subscribers, so please stay tuned!