Release v3.2.3, May 23 2017


v3.2.3 May 22, 2017 (major)
– On-screen instructions guiding users how to activate game
– Two people can now record a “holoselfie” together
– New clean loop (without active dancers) the default
– Improvements for Spout sending, compatible with Spout v2.005+ on Win 8.1 and Win 10
– Better control of image brightness via new Solarize and Darken checkboxes in the GUI panel (v3.2.0.1)
– Warmer, better colors for holograms with more image clarity (v3.2.0.2)
– VJ mode for mixing holograms on the beat with user visuals (v3.2.1), with star-activated like-Virtual-Reality mode (v3.2.2)
– Dancers can summon other dancers’ images in “Virtual Reality” mode (3.2.3)

v3.1.2 Jan 30, 2017
– Holograms supported for Kinect360, with face recording if the Color Camera switch (now restored) is turned on and “Marble Heads” turned off
– For Kinect One, Fixed sometimes ugly avatars from the noise on the floor, images are now clean
– All versions, “dance inside visuals” (or custom) message not playing automatically anymore when idle; can be turned on via “show when idle”
– Improved looks of the Brickbreaker (Arkanoid(TM)) game

v3.1.0 Jan 2, 2017 (major)
– Major new mode: dancers record a 6 second hologram of them dancing for the music video played in a loop, can vote for other people’s holograms
– Darken/Solarize image options for screens and projectors that are too bright

v3.0.9 Dec 9, 2016 (bugfix)
– fix for program refusing to start in non-fullscreen/Spout mode
– added missing shortcut for Kinect 360
– fixed bug with multiple players in Brickbreaker

v3.0.7 Dec 7, 2016 (major)
– improved Matchdance
– improved Holodance

v3.0.1 Oct 24, 2016 (MAJOR)
– Kinect for Xbox One Support
– Matchdance
– Holodance
– Tetroactive
– Improved beat detect audio sampling, incl. from Xbox Microphone and PC sound card

v2.9.84 Oct 10, 2015
– Information about the newest version now available in the GUI with a link
– Fade out background when “touch to begin” sign appears to make it more clear what to do
– Bricks game: More legible text in “Retro” mode

v2.9.83 July 30, 2015
Bricks Game:
– Added “Retro Style” (old screen) option, turned on by default, that uses a filter that makes the display look like an old arcade display, with better, brighter colors

v2.9.80 July 17, 2015
– Support for Spout so Visikord graphics can be live streamed as input for GrandVJ/Resolume/Virtual dj etc.
Details and instructions at
– Fix for a crash when no logo was specified
– Fix for the “dead” ie. unreactive bars after changing resolution/maximizing that required turning them off and on

v2.9.71 June 29 2015:
Bricks Game changes / Major:
– Photo is taken for High Score “hall of fame” if score is in top 3 and is remembered

v2.9.66 June 09 2015:
Bricks Game changes / Major:
– Instructions at the beginning how to play

v2.9.65 June 04 2015:
Bricks Game changes / Major:
– Animated icons instruct the user how to play and use different powerups

v2.9.64 May 19 2015:
Bricks Game changes / Major:
– “Man Speed” slider (under “Ball Speed”) to let the player move faster with less effort. By default
now is little faster (less movement required) than before — default value is 1, old default is
what would be 2.
– Fixed problem where people behind the players would “steal” player’s avatar
– “Chair Play” option to let users play sitting

Bricks Game changes / Minor:
– “Ball Speed” low speed names (Slow, Kids) changed to Gentle and Learning.
– Lasers can be touched to fire
– Can turn off ball hit sound in Preview mode by adding “[_breakout]No sound in demo=1” option to .ini

Freestyle changes / Minor:
– Solid Outlines option and Zoom Slider in the Home GUI panel. Check Solid Outlines together with Dancer
Outlines for the cool cartoon cutout avatar

v2.9.60 May 7 2015:
– “Slow PC” checkbox on the main panel for the computing level of the $199 HP Stream 11 (Celeron processor)
– Ball speed/difficulty level slider (5 speed levels: kids, low, normal, high, flash!)
– More clear game start sequence
– Easier trigger activation for game start and lasers (now can be hit with forearm too)
– “Please stand back” letters over the player who comes too close to the TV, as kids tend to
– Clean, bright color image if color camera turned on
– Shows “Last Score” after game over
– Option for “outline dancers” in Freestyle mode — seems to be the favorite in freestyle
– Ball slows down on Godzilla powerup to give player more opportunity for destruction

v2.9.54 April 25 2015:
– Godzilla powerup!
– Extra Extended Arms and Mega Jump powerups
– “Jump anytime” — players can jump anytime and if they hit the ball the ball makes more damage
– Demo mode previews all levels
– Ground shakes on jump
– Improved ball control instruction image on level 1
– Buttons in the GUI panel to force 1 player, 2 players

v2.9.52 April 19 2015:
– much improved two player mode — easier start and players don’t get confused if they switch places
– GUI fields for entering and controlling the Bricks user message (“free drinks on 1500 points”)
– User message if enabled (via the “Show” checkbox) is now visible to players and onlookers at all times
– animation at start shows players how to use the trigger
– minor fixes in score text display for two players (colors match, game over says who won etc.)

v2.9.50 April 11 2015:
– Support for “Your Logo Here” — edit Visikord User Config and put
– Game title and your incentive message (eg. Free drink on 1500 points, two free drinks on 2000!) customizable from Visikord User Config via
Custom Title Show=1
Custom Title 0=Free drink on 1500 points
Custom Title 1=two free drinks on 2000!
– More powerups on each level, for both single- and dual-player
– Nicer backgrounds on start so it’s not all dark nor all flashy
– Powerup notifications now next to the picked powerup so easier to understand
– Added showing of time i.e. how long a game was played

v2.9.40 March 7 2015:
– new simplified control panel with all common actions in the single “Home” tab
– option to fix TV margins on TV and projectors that cut the edges of the picture

– Doing color camera image preview if Real Skin is enabled
– Fixed bug (or feature) where enemies appear right away instead of after 45sec

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