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Version History

Major New Features

  • v3.0: Kinect for Xbox One Support, Matchdance, Holodance, Tetroactive
  • v3.1: Dancer Hologram recording and playback
  • v3.2: Two people hologram, on screen guides for dancers and VJ mode

Receiving Updates

We update the trial download and the store with the latest version of Visikord regularly, and we send update notifications to all customers whenever we have significant new features. If you are a registered user and would like to have the latest release, please email us and we will send it to you right away.

As of Version 3, Visikord shows if there is an update available with a link to the change log in the start screen.


  • What do I need besides a PC to run Visikord?

    You need only a Kinect camera for Xbox One — just the camera, not the XBox, with the adapter. Please see the Hardware Requirements on the Product page for links.

  • Can I run the Trial version without Kinect?

    Visikord Trial requires Kinect to render dancer images but you can explore the interface and graphics effects without it.

  • Does Visikord work on a Mac?

    On a Mac, Visikord works in Parallels 10 and higher and Windows 8.1/10. (Parallels 10+ allows Kinect drivers to see the Kinect hardware.) Please test the Trial version to make sure it runs on your configuration though.

  • Can I control which graphics effects are shown?

    The dancer has control of the “weapons” and “skins”, while backgrounds and images the dancer can change but they come randomly, because there are many of them, although those can be set to run in sequence as well. Content of the messages is controlled by the operator, and their position on the screen is set by the dancers. The DJ/VJ/operator can override any action of the dancer.

  • What are the lighting requirements for Visikord to work at night?

    Visikord (and Kinect) works well in all indoor lighting conditions, even in complete dark. The “Real Skin” decorative feature (blending of RGB camera image with the depth image), if enabled, requires normal room lighting conditions, or illumination of the person in front.

  • Are the effects connected to the music?

    Yes, Visikord performs a live beat detection from the Kinect microphone audio or directly from your computer. Besides that, dancers’ moves to the music create effects so in that sense the music and visuals are also connected.

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