I’m very happy to announce that InDaViz, LLC (of Visikord) is partnering with a Belgian startup Stage Eyes who are producing awesome DMX lighting control system via Kinect. Whether you are a small or a large venue, with Stage Eyes you can transform your lighting from a typical pre-programmed sequence most places use to an interactive real-time show driven by people’s motion and dance!

Stage Eyes offers a complete turnkey solution and in the near future the physical box will include the Visikord software as an option in the offer. The combined product will be able to cover the full range of interactive visuals and entertainment — from a TV screen through big projections screens to small and large network of lights.

Until then, if you are looking for a DMX-specific solution please head over to stage-eyes.com and check out the details of the upcoming product, or take a look at Stage Eye’s demo video: