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“Jumpzilla” is named after its two most powerful powerups, Jump and Godzilla. (Be sure to see the end of the video for Godzilla.) And you may like the Extended Arms too.

Older children (and adults) enjoy a feature of the software that is the classic Arkanoid(TM)-style game but played with the whole body. This is a game kids will beg you to let them play, and they will jump so much — jumping is a key move in the game as you can see in the video below — you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of peaceful time afterwards!


This all time classic is a very addictive full body game for one or two players and a lot of spectators around!

Freestyle Dance

Kids of all ages are completely absorbed with the image of themselves they see on Visikord screen. Children as young as three can spend a full hour watching their mirror image create colors and shapes as they move.

The setup is simple: place the Kinect camera on the TV and plug it into your PC, and connect your PC’s HDMI output to the TV. That takes care of both the video and sound. For freestyle mode you can play or stream music on the TV from your PC.

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