Version 3.2 is out and available for download to registered users. The main 3D mode, now called “Holobooth”, got a new, much cleaner look and the on-screen guides to activate the system are much clearer. In addition, two people can record “holoselfies” together.

The latest release includes a “VJ mode” which lets you record dancer holograms and blend them with custom visuals on the beat without the game-like elements — just pure visuals! Read all about it at

The dancers still have a whole lot of fun things to touch — including triggers that make effects and also emphasize their face as a “sculpture” or turn on the infrared camera sharpness on the face as they are being recorded; or the star that sends them into a “virtual reality” of visuals where they throw fireballs from their hands in 3D, interact with their image and can summon holograms of other dancers.

Take a look at this unedited video from the lab, with this timeline of events:

  • 00:00 – prerecorded dancers blend with videos
  • 00:30 – new dancer enters the play zone, gets recorded, enters the “virtual reality”, throws fireballs, plays with images of other dancers and himself, and leaves
  • 01:45 – last dancer’s face is blended with generated graphics
  • 02:15 – last dancer’s face is blended with videos, and then other dancers join.

Lastly, we have heard from Kinect-owning parents organizing kids’ parties for whom the price of the full Visikord is a bit high. So Version 3.2 now comes in two flavors, Full and Lite, the Lite missing the new 3D features Holobooth and Holodance but having all the classic 2D dance modes and games, while being light on price. So if you are budget minded and have been considering Visikord please grab the latest trial download and decide if Lite works for you!

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