Let your guests be the stars and the controllers!

  • Who is it for?
    Visikord software is for entertainers who have a TV or projector at their parties. Many of our users are mobile and video DJs. Some users run it in a bar; others play music from sites like Pandora through the TV where the action is to drive the dance games.
    Visikord experience is for people on the dance floor. The freestyle and games offer something that can't be found on any console -- fast, reactive and precise control, with dancers themselves as the stars, and most importantly played to live music they love.
  • What setup do I need?
    Simply place a Kinect eye (new or used) in front of the LCD or projection screen and plug it into a laptop or PC running Visikord. If you use a separate PC, connect its audio in jack to your other laptop's or mixer's audio out for beat detection for games.
  • How do I describe it to my clients?
    Many of our users present the package to their customers in their own way. One DJ was kind enough to share this description: "It's like Dance Dance Revolution for your hands to live music!"
Dance VFX Synthesizer
VideoDJ software that doubles as a live dance exploration/game to your mix
Instead of traditional video, Visikord /ˈvizikôrd/ software puts your audience on the big screen where they create stunning visuals in real time -- whether they dance freestyle or play Visual FX rhythm dance games to the live DJ mix and literally catch the beats!
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Our Clients

  • DJ Stevie K
  • Ripley's
  • Bobby Morganstein Events
  • Dj Motiv8
  • Dj Ben There
  • Interlock
  • Reverb
  • Live Performance Productions
  • Portadecor
  • Dj EGG
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