Dancers are the stars and the controllers!

Let your guests
blow up colors,
fire lasers, and shoot lightnings with their dance to your music!
For PC + Kinect "eye"
XBox is not needed
Choose Edition



PC with Visikord


Kinect (No XBox)*


Dancers are transported to a world of music visuals!

You play the music and your guests play the visuals
*Kinect camera with PC/USB adapter available in stores or used on Amazon/eBay/Gamestop. XBox is NOT needed.

  • What is Visikord?
    Visikord /ˈvizikôrd/ software puts your guests on the big screen where they dance and play together, using touch-free motion control to make stunning visuals to your music with their hands. They dance freestyle or play rhythm dance games to the live DJ mix and literally catch the beats!

    The software runs on a Windows PC/laptop, with any LCD or projection screen, and a Kinect (new or used) motion control camera. You can customize all aspects of the visuals.

  • Who is it for?
    Visikord software is for entertainers who have a big screen (TV or projector) at their parties. Uses include mobile and video DJing, entertainment in bars, clubs, at concerts, entertainment for children, corporate events and more.

    Visikord experience is for people on the dance floor. The freestyle and games offer what they can’t find on any console — fast, reactive and precise control, with dancers themselves on the screen, and most importantly dancing and playing together to live music.
  • How can I try it out?
    Visikord free trial runs for 30 days. If you do not have a Kinect, the Trial will simulate a Kinect device being attached. (Used Kinects are available on eBay for $10-$50). We recommend running the Trial with an external screen attached so you can see the full impact of its colors and shapes.

    We offer an unconditional 21-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the product, simply email us for an immediate refund.
  • How do I describe it to my clients?
    Visikord is a “Dance Visual Effects Synthesizer.” Many of our users present the package to their customers in their own way. One DJ shared this description: “It’s like Dance Dance Revolution for your hands to live music!”

    Compared to dance games, Visikord is LIVE — it works with live DJ’s music and shows live images of the dancers. Unlike dance games, the operator is able to customize and control the graphics such as own logos, texts, pictures and videos.

Our Clients

  • Planet Kidz
  • Ripley's
  • Bobby Morganstein Events
  • Dj Motiv8
  • DJ Stevie K
  • Interlock
  • Reverb
  • Live Performance Productions
  • Portadecor
  • Dj EGG
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