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social video games with dancing and jumping for public or private venues

A Kinetronix Box (KxBox) is an interactive amusement station for indoor venues — bars and clubs, arcades, and museums.

Each box is hands-free, automatically operated and need only be plugged into power and TV screen.

A KxBox runs full-body arcade games, dance games or freestyle music synthesizers. You can configure the same box to run different games and modes on different days of the week.

The full station is available with limited exclusivity option that applies to a 100 mile radius of your venue.

Kinetronix Box grew from Vizikord software, previously available standalone, which serves close to 1000 DJs and VJs and their events on all continents.

In the setup above the client configured the box on the left to run games which rotate daily and the box on the right to run the freestyle synthesizer. The game station typically serves 100-500 gameplays a day and the freestyle station many short and long sessions.


Games are competitive and the manner of playing makes for an excellent spectator sport.

Full-body arcade games are “Jumpzilla“, a Breakout™ clone, and “Tetroactive“, a Tetris™ clone. Both are played hands-free and encourage lots of movement and jumping. Despite the casual appearance, those are serious games that a skilled person can play for hours! Players compete for the top spots in the hall of fame as you can see in the second part of the video.

For more footage of guest engagement recorded from a distance please see this video.

Guests start each game by following the on-screen instructions to step on the “X” marked on the floor with gaffer tape (optional) and then raising hand to begin.


A great way to complement the games is to offer your guests a relaxed, free style exploration mode where they make sounds moving their hands in the air while looking at the kaleidoscopic images of themselves. Children as young as 2 and adults as old as 70 are fascinated to look at what they do.

Kinetic (Merriam Webster)
1 : of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

Tronic (Urban Dictionary)

“Augmented Reality is taking what is real and surrounding it with what is imaginary.

Vizikord places your real live image inside the computer generated world, where you do things with your whole body — solve puzzles, dance and make kaleidoscopic images to the beat and even make music. This allows you to use the screen, which normally takes the mind away from the body, to bring the experience back into the body — but now augmented with creative super powers!”


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